Loose Leaf Collection 2022

The program is intended to collect leaves from street trees, not all trees on private property. Program changes (due to weather interruptions) and schedules are located at: City of Waterloo Leaf Collection information.

Below is the estimated collection schedule for 2022.

Zones with fewer trees will be collected first, followed by more heavily forested areas.

Ward 4 includes Areas E1, E6 and E8.

  • Week 1 – October 31 to November 5, zones W6, W8, E8, E7 and E5
  • Week 2 – November 7 to November 12, zones W7, W1, E6 and E4
  • Week 3 – November 14 to November 19, zones W3, W4, E3 and E2
  • Week 4 – November 21 to November 26, zones W2, W5 and E1

If you miss it, the leaves fall late, and/or they are too wet and heavy for the collection equipment they need to be bagged or mulched into the lawn as recommended by Scott’s Lawncare: https://www.scotts.com/en-ca/library/lawn-basics/dont-rake-those-leaves-mulch-them-your-lawn

Last week for Yard Waste Collection in Ward 4 is November 21 – 25. Want to check your household collection schedule? As the Region of Waterloo “Waste Whiz“.