December 2018 Ward Update

Please let me begin by thanking all of the citizens of Ward 4 who participated in the October municipal election.  I feel both privileged and honoured to return to serve the Ward.

Over the next four years, City of Waterloo Council will be served by four first term (new) Councillors and four returning Councillors (including the Mayor).  I am excited about the changes to Council and look forward to working with the new members.

In terms of what the next four years of Council holds the following is what I see as key City and Ward priorities.  These are based on things I heard on the campaign trail:

  1. New East Side Library: Library use has been on an exponential growth for many years.  Users range from on line digital users to traditional visitors.  Libraries serve many functions.  In addition to the traditional book stacks, the new east side library will include a music room and a collaborative “maker” space.  Information on the new branch is located at:  The Waterloo Public Library Strategic Plan is worth a read and can be found at:
  2. New Active Sports Park: Council approved a new planning process to consider three neighbourhood skateboard parks and one bike-circuit park. We are examining three locations for the neighbourhood skateparks including:
    • Stork Family YMCA at 500 Fischer Hallman Road
    • Albert McCormick Community Centre at 500 Parkside Drive, and
    • RIM Park where we are considering both a skatepark and the bike circuit.

The project involves determining the ideal site at each of these locations, preparing design concepts for community input and then preparing construction-ready drawings.

The City is very close to launching a ‘community input campaign’ where skateboarders can send us ideas and images of what they would like to see in each of the park locations.  The campaign will include an on-line survey. No construction dates have been set as of yet for any of the parks. Determining a construction budget for each park will be a part of the planning process.

  1. Budget: After a municipal election, Council will be tasked with approving a one year budget for 2019.  Subsequent to 2019, Council will approval a three year budget covering the balance of our term of office from 2020-2022.
  2. Strategic Planning: The new Council will be updating the City Strategic Plan and this work will be completed early in 2019. Please watch the City website and participate in on-line comment opportunities.  Over the past term of Council here are some of the Ward 4 Strategic initiatives that were completed:
  • Approval of the East-side Library
  • Completion of a Neighbourhood Strategy
  • Completion of a multi-modal link on Lexington Road from Davenport Road to Holbeach Crescent
  • Completion of the ION Station Area land use plans including an update to the City Official Plan which outline the City vision for development in and around ION Stations
  • Street lighting upgrades
  • Completion of the Walter Bean Trail
  • Completion of a new Comprehensive Zoning By-law

A lot of people are interested in understanding who to call when things go wrong.  Here is a short list for your use.

Waterloo Region: Waterloo Regional Councillors are: Sean Strickland, Jim Erb and Mayor Dave Jaworsky.  In Ward 4 the Regional services include:

  • Roads: King Street, Bridge Street, Weber Street and Northfield Road
  • Transit: Grand River Transit and ION
  • Policing
  • Public Health including Housing and Social Services
  • Garbage collection and management
  • Water treatment, both drinking water and wastewater
  • Childcare Services
  • Planning and Development of all lands in the Region
  • Infrastructure planning and maintenance on all Regional owned transportation corridors


City of Waterloo: City Councillor: Diane Freeman.  In Ward 4 the City Services include:

  • All Roads not listed above
  • Distribution/Delivery of drinking water
  • Collection of wastewater
  • Snow Removal and grass trimming on all roads (we are contracted by the Region to complete their roads)
  • Library Services
  • Fire department
  • By-Law Enforcement
  • Community Services and Facilities including: Adult Recreation Centre, RIM Park, Waterloo Memorial Recreation Centre, Albert McCormick Centre, all ice rinks used for skating and curling, and all outdoor fields
  • Cemetery Services
  • Planning and Development of lands in the City
  • Infrastructure planning and maintenance on all City owned transportation corridors

Council is considering an addition to the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Centre (WMRC) and approved the advancement of public consultation related to the Expansion and Older Adult Centre relocation conceptual drawings.  Information on this work can be reviewed at:


There are many events happening in and around the City and the Region of Waterloo.  They are summarized on the Tourism Waterloo Region website:

Should you have any questions on this article or any City related issues please do not hesitate to contact me: