Parking By-Law in Waterloo

The City of Waterloo has, in many parts of the City, challenges associated with on street parking.  These relate to:

  • People who own more cars than can be parked on their property
  • Rental properties that have more tenants with vehicles than can be parked on their property
  • Short-term rental properties (such as Airbnb) with no place for vehicles to be parked
  • Individuals running businesses out of their homes with no location for vehicles to be parked
  • Car enthusiasts who continue to purchase more vehicles than permitted on their property
  • Individuals running car sales businesses out of their home and parking many vehicles on the public right of way

The above is by no means an exhaustive list and just a few of the complaints I have managed over the years.  Often relationships between neighbours are strained and conversations around parking has resulted in significant conflict and the need for professional mediation.

To address the need to park overnight in Waterloo the number of times a plate can be registered was increased several times to 15 times per year per plate.

Most Municipalities have parking bylaws.  Often they are enforced on a complaint basis.  In areas where there is flagrant disregard for the bylaw it is proactively enforced. 

More information on Parking in Waterloo is available at:

The City of Kitchener also limits parking to 3 hours.  You can review the Kitchener by-law at:

Similarly Cambridge limits parking to 3 hours as well.  The Cambridge by-law is located at: