I’m Riding on Sunshine!

Week 5 – Tuesday and Wednesday – February 2-3, 2016

Weather: Wednesday February 3, 2016 was the warmest February 3 on record at a high of 14 degrees C! Rain in morning and increasing winds during the day.

Routine Gear: As discussed previously except I only needed spring riding gloves.

Variable Gear: I80s earmuffs, 3/4 sleeve dress, Fluevog Locke short boot (not insulated).

Tuesday was one of those crazy days that started out with 7:30 am meeting in South Kitchener followed by meetings in North Waterloo.  Although the weather was spring like, I had to leave the bike parked in the garage at home.  When the sun came out around noon I was so wishing that I was sitting in the saddle of the Trek Cocoa!

Wednesday was the warmest February 3 on record with a high of 14 degrees C.  I had a day that would include a couple of 30-40 minute rides. Although it was raining when I left the house, I still wanted to ride and enjoy the fresh air.

When you commute daily remember to check tire pressure at least once per week.  I had to pump up the rear tire on my Trek commuter prior to heading out.  I have an awesome hand floor pump that includes an easy to read pressure gauge.  If you do not own one of these it is worth the investment.  They are not too expensive and I use it on our family bicycles as well as my Vespa.


It was lightly raining when I left home this morning but it was still an excellent, fast commute. I did not have to worry about glasses fogging up so I was able to wear my cycling glasses.

I love my cycling glasses!  I wear Serfas www.serfas.com.  I have had them for about 5 years.  They came with four inner changeable lenses as well as an Rx insert I had filled with my eye glass prescription.  Eye protection while riding is very important, we only have one set of eyes.

As the day wore on, I headed out for my much anticipated 30 minute ride.  Unfortunately the head winds became so strong that I had to make a change on the fly and ride home to exchange my two wheels for my four wheels with a gas engine so that I would not be late for my meetings.

The winds remained high for the balance of the day but I still enjoyed the blazing sunshine from the seat in my Hyundai Tucson.

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