Promises Made and Promises Kept!

Weekend 2 – January 15 – 17, 2016

Weather: Ranged from plus 3 to -6 degrees C. Precipitation included rain, freezing rain and snow. The roads ranged from clear to icy to snow covered.

Consistent Attire: As per other posts.

Variable Attire based on the temperature: Sunday the weather was -6 degrees. For this ride I wore a sleeveless dress and MEC thermal arm coverings.

This blog includes my write up for the weekend and for last Friday.  The weather on Friday was rain with the temperature dropping from a high of 3 degrees C through to minus something cold. 🙂  I had meetings in Guelph Friday morning and while I would have liked to say I commuted, the 37 km, I did not.  The ride would not be “do able” on my fat tire bike.  Further many of the roads are posted 80 km/hour and not conducive to supporting winter cycling options.

Even though I did not commute outside on Friday I did start my day with a 45 minute ride inside on my road bike and CycleOps trainer.  I used this time to prepare for my 9 am meeting by reading the 147 page meeting package.  I will willingly share with you that I did not feel like getting up at 5:45 am and I did not want to put myself in the bike seat.  Nonetheless I made a promise to myself to undertake 30 minutes per day of exercise.  When I completed my indoor ride I will admit I felt great and ready to take on the day.

Saturday started out both quiet and lazy!  I loved it!  For those who know me well, they would tell you that I do not “idle” well.  As the day progressed, I reflected on how many calories I chose to enjoy last night at the Kitchener Rangers Game and the call to the bike seat got louder as the day wore on.  So at 8pm I finally mounted my bike on my indoor trainer and started turning the pedals.  Again I did not feel like exercising, but that promise to me spoke louder than my dissent so I exercised.  Every time this happens, I always feel better to have rode the bike!  Great excuse to enjoy an outdoor time in the hot tub after.

Sunday I attended the New Year Levee for MPP Catherine Fife.  I completed this 4 km commute in the snow on the Batpod.  The minor subdivision roads were icy and snow covered, but very manageable on my Norco “Bigfoot” bike.  The major roads were track bare and the bike lanes were snow covered.  The snow covered bicycle space was excellent.  The snow provided for very good traction.

Upon arrival at the Levee I parked my bike inside (no bike parking) and what a wonderful conversation generating tool the bike is!  Many asked how I managed the roads.  I responded by saying that when speed is controlled so is the bike.  Without question, I feel very safe and in control while commuting on the Batpod.  I also love the crisp weather air.  Week 2? Done and Done. 🙂



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