Weekend 1 – Saturday and Sunday – January 9, 10, 2016

Weather: Saturday High of 5, fog and rain.  Sunday High of 4, rain until noon. Temperature dropping to -10. 1pm ice pellets 3 pm snow and wind gusting 80 km/hour.
As a part of my personal commitment to me, I am striving to undertake 30 minutes or more of exercise per day.  I had planned to downhill ski on Saturday, but it was raining so I put my Norco A1 Forma road bike on my cyclops fluid 2 trainer.  My A1 Forma has been fitted with a trainer tire for the winter months in an effort to extend the operating life of my road tires.  The cyclops trainer is really amazing! www.cycleops.com/.  It is utterly silent and I can cycle without waking up my household of sleepyheads!



You may observe in the above photo that I have equipped my bike with a holder for my tablet.  I love to read when I am cycling indoors.  I read downloaded books and/or magazines from my local library or through my “texture” app and subscription.  I purchased a Yorkville Sound – iPad/Tablet Mic Stand Mount which fits quite nicely on my handle bar.  I purchased my mount at Long and Mcquade our local music store. www.long-mcquade.com/.   I sing, play guitar, and keyboards so the Mic Stand Mount will be well used.


I ride the bike/trainer in my sunroom with the windows open in the winter.  I really need to feel the fresh air on my face and see the sun and/or clouds.  I always get overheated so in addition to my MEC cycling shorts I simply wear a sleeveless tank top.

In work as an environmental engineer, and an elected politician.  I am a member of the Council for the City of Waterloo www.waterloo.ca in Ontario, Canada.  Over my almost 10 years on City Council, I am proud to say that the City has become a Silver Bike Friendly community as awarded by the Canadian Share-the-road coalition. www.sharetheroad.ca.  Waterloo was the first city in Canada to approve a “complete streets” policy in the Official plan document.  The City also commits financial resources to build dedicated bike infrastructure.  I am proud of the work my colleagues and I have done on Council related to active transportation and look forward to doing more.  The saying “if you build it they will come” from the movie field of dreams is very applicable to describing investments in active transportation infrastructure.

Sunday was an interesting day weather wise.  I walked to church in the morning in 4 degree C weather and rain.  I had lunch at home then commuted by bike to the City of Waterloo Mayor and Council New Year’s Levee for 1 pm.  The weather undertook a rapid drop in temperature and by the end of the event it was blowing snow.

Whenever there is snow on the way I choose to ride my Norco “Batpod”.  I am sure glad I did! I rode to the event (4.1 km) in headwinds complete with ice pellets.  I wore a thermal fleece jacket under my MEC commuter coat, waterproof pants, waterproof winter boots and motorcycle winter gloves. When I left at 3pm it was blowing snow and wind gusting to 80 km/hour.  At one point I walked my bike across a crosswalk and between the frozen surface and the wind I had a hard time not sliding.  The ride was uneventful other than it was very challenging cycling into the strong wind.  The bike handled beautifully and rode over the ice and snow with ease.  When I arrived home, my husband was surprised to see me and was sure I would call for a ride in the blustery conditions.

I am feeling good about my tricky ride home and starting to build some confidence in cold and challenging weather.  I wished I had had more lights for the ride.  Even though it was still day time, the poor weather reduced the visibility substantially and flashing bright bike lights would have been a very good thing to have.

At the event I brought my bike out for people to see.  I received a lot of comments and children had fun sitting on the bike seat for photos.  When it was time to leave a few folks were quite surprised to see a woman, in a dress, gear up and head out on the bike. Sweet! 🙂


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