Week 1 – Day 5 January 8, 2016

Weather: High of 1, sunny and no precipitation. All roadways were clear.

Consistent Attire: No change from previous posts.

Variable Attire based on the temperature: Bula balaclava, and my awesome KSL Sport Marie-Soleil Dress under my coat. The photo is not me 🙂 


I am working from home today, but I had an appointment 3 km away.  It was supposed to be freezing rain, but thankfully the forecast changed and it is now expected to hold off until tonight.  Who could not ride in the beautiful sun shown in my feature image!

The office I attended was in a commercial plaza.  Upon arrival there were no, and I mean zero, bike parking areas.  So…I brought my bike right into the office.  One other client commented that his ride had four wheels and a gasoline engine.  I said (to the packed lobby) I have one of those rides too, but operating it in results in an increase to the size of my personal tailgate.  A laugh was had by all and I was wished a safe ride.  Although a humourous exchange occurred, a clear message was sent around the health benefits of choosing to actively commute year-around.


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