Week 1 – Day 4 – January 7, 2016

Weather: High of 0 but the morning ride was -5, sunny and no precipitation. All roadways were clear.

Consistent Attire: No change from previous posts

Variable Attire based on the temperature: Bula balaclava, MEC thermal arm coverings.  I also was wearing a sleeveless tank top, skirt and tights under my coat.

I am very fortunate to work for GHD Limited (www.ghd.com), which is a company that encourages employees to commute to work in a sustainable way.  The Commuter Incentive Program “is to encourage GHD employees to commit to a “greener” commute by walking, cycling, car-pooling or utilizing mass transit systems to travel to and from work. The Commuter Incentive Program is offered to all GHD regular full time employees.”  The incentive for cycling is a payout of 0.47/km to a maximum of $200.  The company also offers a fitness benefit that I can use to cover a portion of the cost for purchasing my winter fat tire bike.

Today was another beautiful day for riding my Trek “work horse” ladies commuter.  Before leaving the house I was able to confirm that my rear tire was significantly under inflated (35 psi) so I returned it to 70 psi and it made a big difference to my ride this morning.

My ride to work is all uphill (of course) [if my parents were telling this tale they would say “in my day…we had to ride uphill in BOTH directions…with headwinds…on a rusty old hand-me-down bike! You should count your lucky stars young lady!”] 🙂  On the ride to work, the uphill combined with full panniers does make the ride laboured.  I am starting to think the cold and the layers of gear also really impact the extent to which I have to exert myself for the ride.  Here is a photo of what I typically carry in my panniers in the morning.  On days that I have meetings at City Hall I also pack a laptop computer.


I really love my Arkel pannier http://www.arkel-od.com/ it is light-weight, fully waterproof and converts to a backpack upon arrival at my destination.

As always, my ride home was warmer, primarily downhill and a pleasure!


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