Winter Commuting – Experiences and Lessons

I don’t know if it is right to refer to my winter commuting plan as a “New Year’s” resolution, but indeed it is a part of my 2016 plan of ensuring I have exercise built into my day and a tool to meet my long-term goal of returning to a healthy body weight. Until the winter has turned to spring I plan to update this blog on a regular basis to talk about my adventures cycling throughout the winter months.

As “murphy’s law” would dictate, the first day of my new commitment is also the coldest day of the winter to date! Did I think of moving my start date? You bet I did, but I refused to give into my self-doubt so quickly.

My ride is a Norco Big foot bike fitted with an extra wide carrier and big o manufacturing fenders installed by the great folks at King Street Cycles.


2 thoughts on “Winter Commuting – Experiences and Lessons

  1. Good for you! I check about cycling occasionally in Waterloo. I was raised in K-W before heading off to London (university), then Toronto, Vancouver and now, Calgary. I have bike in all 3 cities since I don’t have a car.

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