An Urban Commuter?

I have been keenly interested in starting a blog for a long time.  I wanted a blog to focus on some of my interests including:

  • City of Waterloo Council;
  • Active Transportation; and
  • Leadership in Sustainable Communities.

As well, I hope to share my personal journey to seek out ways to live more sustainable and reduce my own personal carbon footprint.

This first blog will focus on that last goal.

Last month I purchased an Urban Commuter Bicycle (Trek Coaco) with the goal of cycling to work, including City Hall.  I was some what worried about my ability to follow through on this personal goal.  Determined to ride in a business suit or a dress I “test rode” the bike at the dealership in a dress and proved to myself the peddle forward bike would be ok to ride in a dress.

This past monday I packed my laptop and playbook into my saddle bag and headed off in a dress.  My preferred trail was closed because of construction (more on this in another blog) so I chose to ride across to University Ave.  BAD choice, Good lesson learned.  Riding past on and off ramps for an expressway is not a good choice.  On the ride home in the wind I rode north on Regina st. (great route) to the trail along forwell creek and through the Dearborn subdivision. This was great, it included limited inclines and the buildings helped to block the high winds.  I proved to myself I can make this choice.  It was an empowering experience and encourage anyone reading this to give it a try.

Am I an urban commuter? I do not believe that I am YET, but trying.


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